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Colleen Quinn is a physical therapist and personal trainer who has spent almost two decades refining both the art and science of a workout session with her clients. By integrating traditional methods based on the medical model of PT with alternative approaches rooted in Eastern philosophy, like yoga and the practice of mindfulness, she has developed a richly comprehensive style of training.

In the early years of her career, Colleen gathered invaluable experience in clinical settings in DC and Boston, working with patients who ranged from weekend warriors to professional athletes. It was during that time that she learned strict therapy protocols were not the golden standard when it came to healing and rehabilitation. She began then, to appreciate the individuality of each of her patients, and learned she had to consider several contributing factors, to treat each person as a whole.

For several years that followed, as Colleen ventured into opening and operating her own private personal training studio in Brookline, Ma; she simultaneously sought paths of study that would teach her the tools she needed to help her clients achieve healthy, balanced, and satisfying ways of being in their bodies. She had already developed a pretty clear understanding of how the physical body was anatomically designed to operate; but, through continuous immersions into yoga, meditation and other forms of alternative medicine, she discovered the nuance that, when paid attention to, would allow the physical body to function optimally, in a more graceful, integrative and sustainable way.

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A lifetime athlete herself, and letʼs face it, with a touch of vanity as well, she understands the motives that drives us to push ourselves. But, understanding the risks of injury and the unfortunate pain the accompanies it and sidelines us, she is committed to finding safer and more intelligent ways to help us reach our goals.

So whether you are training for a marathon, or training to look and feel better each and every day, Colleen will meet you where you are, and thoughtfully guide and support you in a workout program that can help get you where you need to go.