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Cultivating your Inner Nothingness

Cultivating Your Inner Nothingness. This does not sound sexy. I know. This is not the ad campaign of a Fortune 500. But what it IS is the dirty little secret, which when considered, can ironically lead you to a sense of Everythingness.

What does this Nothingness that I speak of even mean? It sounds boring. And there is no reality show based on who is doing it the best. (Though, that would be hysterical if there ever was.) There are no cash bonuses for feeling it, and you’ll never get a certificate of achievement to hang on your wall for having experienced it. BUT, what you might get is a connection to this thing inside you that is ever present, unwavering, steadying, balancing, refreshing and mega restorative. It can be a launching pad of great creativity, and a baseline of measure for when life starts spiraling out of control. Instead of spinning in stress, confusion, anxiety and fear, which is EXHAUSTING…You can, in almost an instant, come back to this place. It serves as an outlet to renew your focus, put yourself back on track, and feel really good. It’s weird!

It’s unique and totally personal, but in my experience, it is getting a hit of this sense inside myself, that feels neutral, that does not need anything external to feel all right or balanced. It’s feels like being in a place where I’m not following a million thoughts around in my head, or having an overly emotional reaction to what someone else just did or said to me. When I’m in this place, I don’t feel attached to specific outcomes, or responsible for anyone else’s drama. I can let go of unfair judgements I’m indulging in my mind. Because let’s face it, in most cases when I think I know everything, I really don’t know shit. Pardon the phrase, but it’s the truth. Ultimately, spending a moment in my sense of Nothingness feels like pressing a reset button, or shaking and clearing an Etch-a-Sketch pad so it’s white again. The old mess of a picture is gone. That’s why I call it Nothingness. What’s left is blank, yet looming with new potential endless possibility.

How is it done? Making the choice to try it is the first step. After that, it’s deciding on a meditation or breathing practice that feels accessible to you. I say accessible, because there are so many options out there, and you’ll find that some feel better than others when starting out. And then you just have to get after it. Committed to wanting to find it. It’s there to be had.

For me, it was about seven years ago, when I was three years into running my own business, had just finished my third marathon, and was buried in the emotional stress and drama of breaking up with someone whom I loved. It a few words- my life SUCKED. Stressed, tired, angry and depressed, I took myself to South Beach Miami for a break. While strolling around a random bookstore, I stumbled upon the title, Boundless Energy by Deepak Chopra. Roll your eyes if you’d like at my mention of a commercialized spiritual icon, but when they come back to front and center, take a peak at this link.

It’s a super practical and comprehensive guidebook, that acts as a tasty sampler to the main course of finding some inner peace and calm and your life. After gobbling up the information, and testing out some of the activities, I immediately saw where I was deficient in practices of self care, and understood that my chronic fatigue and lack of vitality was not something I needed to accept as “this is just how life is.” It provided simple tools to turn things around.

A couple of weeks ago, when I posted a piece on asking yourself Why you’re doing what you’re doing; I was hoping it would disrupt some complacency or frustration around how we are aligning our actions with our goals. If you performed this act, undoubtedly there was a little “now what” that came up as a result.

I think what I am talking about here is the answer to that next step, and here’s why. We need to develop an internal, and I emphasize INTERNAL guidepost to help steer us in the direction that’s right for us. If we take the time to establish this feeling of “rightness” i.e Nothingness, then we have something to compare every other feeling we get from every other choice we make. Make sense? Oh, and by the way, being empowered by making choices that actually serve you, IS pretty damn sexy.

So here’s to cultivating your Inner Nothingness. You can start this very moment, by pausing to focus on, and slow down your breath. Count to six as you stretch out your next inhale, and take another six count to elongate your next exhale. Do it a couple of times. Maybe even just for a minute. I’ll give you a dollar if you don’t feel a little different. In a good way.

Cheers. May your world be entirely rocked when you catch your first glimpse. It’s beyond amazing.

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