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Custom Online Workouts

Because everybodyʼs fitness needs are uniquely different, so are my customized online workout plans! For just about the cost of joining a big gym that you may or may not get to, (and once you get there you may or may not know what to do), you can receive a weekly workout plan with attached video instruction, that is designed exactly around what will work for you. With a variety of packages to choose from, you will be able to find the ideal match to help you meet your own personal goals. These plans are great, as they cater to your level of independence!

BASIC PACKAGE $198*/month
1 (one) custom online workout (with videos) a week + email/phone support

2 (two) progressive custom online workouts (with videos) a week + email/phone support

1 (one) Skype session + 1 (one) custom online workout (with videos) a week

1 (one) in person session + 1 (one) custom online workout (with videos) a week

If you donʼt see something you like up here, we can customize even further of course. Just give me a call, and we can discuss exactly what you want!

What this will look like: Once you subscribe to the package you like, we will connect on the phone/email and discuss your goals. You will then receive your first workout via email to your inbox, on the day of your choice. The workout will list the exercises to do, in order, with number of repetitions/sets etc. Each exercise will have a link to itʼs instructional video (~1 min in length) with the necessary cues to follow for proper form and execution. Watch them over and over while you do the exercise if you need to, to make sure you get the form just right!

Shortly after you finish the prescribed workout, we can spend a few minutes on the phone/email to discuss questions, challenges, what worked well, and what not-so-much. Your next workout will then be designed based on exactly how your doing! You will always be challenged, but you will never be pushed beyond what you are able to do…Keeping you safe, and constantly moving forward.


*It is recommended but not required, if this is your first time training with me, to set up a consultation in person (125/session) or via Skype (92/session) to evaluate and assess your body and the goals you want to achieve for it. The more I see and know, the more I can tweak workout design to better suit you. Just makes sense, right?

**And as an added incentive to keep you on track- customized workouts must be completed in an allotted timeframe, before they expire. BASIC, BASIC PLUS, AND PREMIUM custom workouts will expire in one week, before the delivery the next weekʼs workout. STANDARD custom workouts will be available for 3-4 days, before they expire and the second workout of the week is delivered.

*price includes Paypal service fee.

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