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In Person Training 1 on 1


colleen_instructingIf you have never had the experience of a trainer coming to your house, and are used to traveling to the gym or personal training studio to workout, you might wonder, “Will I get as good a workout in my home, as I do with the equipment in the gym?” Or, “Do I have enough space to workout in my house?”

Let me tell you, you donʼt need the fancy machines, or a studio space to get an amazing full body workout in the privacy of your own home. I travel with mats, blocks, and enough resistance bands and TRX straps to leave anyone begging for a rest by the end of their session. If you have space for a yoga mat, and a door for the straps, then youʼre pretty much all set!

We can also meet outside at a gorgeous park, or in your corner office, if thatʼs more convenient. I will bring everything we need, all you need to do is show up.

This service is the perfect option for the person who wants their trainer right in the room with them to motivate and design a perfectly detailed workout session. I also love this option because it gives people a good feel for what a home workout can feel and look like, on days when you simply canʼt make it out the front door!

Sessions are 55 minutes and must be scheduled via email or phone with me. Please email me with any questions if you need to, before registering to the site. Registration is free.

As always…shoot me an email, if you have any questions, before you sign up!

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