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    /’treyn’/ • v., to make (a person) fit by proper exercise, diet, practice, etc.
    • to develop or form the habits thoughts or behavior of a person by discipline and instruction.


    /’treyn’/ • v., to make (a person) fit by proper exercise, diet, practice, etc.
    • to develop or form the habits thoughts or behavior of a person by discipline and instruction.


    /’treyn’/ • v., to make (a person) fit by proper exercise, diet, practice, etc.
    • to develop or form the habits thoughts or behavior of a person by discipline and instruction.

As an orthopedic surgeon, I appreciated Colleen’s sound approach to training. She always paired the exercises in just the right way that would take me right to my edge, but never over. And the fun that we had during the sessions always made the pain more tolerable!
– D.Q Needham, MA


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Isnʼt it time to put the word TRAIN back into the experience of Personal TRAINing? Otherwise, we might just call it Personal Workouting!

If you take the time to exercise, and push your body to achieve a certain level of health and fitness- wouldnʼt it make sense to do it with purpose and function, and still produce great results? What if we learned to first ask why?, before asking how many?

I am forever amazed with the human body. With its sophisticated systems that integrate and coordinate to produce the most miraculous feats to the most minuscule movements; sometimes itʼs the subtlest shift that produces the greatest impact! And the good news is, there are simple ways to learn to maximize this potential in your own body! It just takes a little time and practice.

Learning to move with focused intention and awareness, not only gives your muscles more definition, it could likely diminish the nag of chronic pain. By activating that notorious Core in a subtle and efficient way in everyday real life will make you look fantastically strong while walking down the street , instead of just when your balancing on that pesky stability ball!

Put the TRAINing back in your workouts. Your body will listen, it will respond, and it will thank you.

When you have a bad back, you don’t want anything to make it mad. When I found Colleen, I hadn’t done much, but fitness walk for a very long time. In the eight years we’ve worked together, not only have I learned how to safely work on my core, do weights, and yoga, she has helped me not to be so scared of my back! We’ve had about a million laughs along the way…she’s not just an exceptional trainer, she’s an exceptional person.

– T.L, Brookline, MA


Colleen Quinn is a physical therapist and personal trainer who has spent almost two decades refining both the art and science of a workout session with her clients. By integrating traditional methods based on the medical model of PT with alternative approaches rooted in Eastern philosophy, like yoga and the practice of mindfulness, she has developed a richly comprehensive style of training.
 In the early years of her career, Colleen gathered invaluable experience in clinical settings in DC and Boston, working with patients who ranged from weekend warriors to professional athletes. It was during that time that she learned strict therapy protocols were not the golden standard when it came to healing and rehabilitation. She began then, to appreciate the individuality of each of her patients… Read full bio »

When I first started training with colleen I had chronic hip, knee, shoulder and neck pain. Colleen worked with me to strengthen each muscle group over time, tailoring each day’s workout to my needs. I have become so strong and flexible in my work with her…and my posture is so much better I “grew” half an inch at my last physical!

– A.R, Brookline, MA


When tending to a busy schedule trumps finding time for a workout, you can still reclaim your commitment to staying healthy! Itʼs not exactly Anytime, Anywhere – but itʼs pretty darn close!

Having to stay late all week to finish a project at work? Book a Skype session in your office! Canʼt leave the house in the morning because your child is home? Schedule an In-Home Personal Training session, and Iʼll come to you! Live in Boston, and your trainer just moved to California? Video-Call her up, and you havenʼt missed a beat! Want a workout you can take with you to the gym, so you can have a clue what to do once you get there? Sign up for any of the online workouts, and look like you know exactly what youʼre doing.

Once you sign up for sessions or packages, you will have access to online scheduling, and can book as many or as few sessions as youʼd like. We do know that “having a set appointment time” helps us stay committed to our workout life, so make yours today, and weʼll get started!

My initial reason for seeing Colleen was to treat my shoulder pain. Years later, not only is my shoulder better, I’ve become very aware of the connection between mind and body which positively impacts my day to day life. This journey I have been on is not only a physical experience but a spiritual one which will be with me for a lifetime.

– L.L. Chestnut Hill, MA


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Colleen really put me at ease when I first met her. I could tell she really listened to what I was saying, which I feel really helped us in moving forward with my new fitness program, which can sometimes feel really daunting.

– M.O., Newton, MA


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“They say that characters were engraven on the bathing tub of King Tching-thang to this effect: Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again.”

– Henry David Thoreau