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Skype Training 1-on-1

2013-10-29 11.26.49$92.00*/SESSION

Thanks to our ever-evolving friend in technology, you can now receive a completely detailed and comprehensive workout via! From absolutely anywhere that you can connect to a wifi hotspot, you can stay on target with your workouts!

The possibilities are endless here. The benefits of being able to reach me and workout from wherever you are, with more flexibility around scheduling, and the clarity of connection that mobile devices now offer, can match, if not outweigh the benefits of having my mug right in the room with you. Because well, sometimes, logistically, that just canʼt be arranged.

Itʼs easy. Once you sign up for an updated version of Skype, and have confirmed that your commuter is compatible with the requirements, simply share your address with me and we can get started. Itʼs recommended, but not required, to have a portable webcam, like the to allow for greater versatility in your workout sessions. Any other exercise equipment that might be needed, will be discussed prior to your first online session.

Sessions are 55 minutes.

As always, please feel free to shoot me an email if you have more questions before signing up.

*price includes Paypal service fee.

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