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Super Daily Online Workouts


For less than the cost of a group fitness or yoga class in the studio, you can vary your own workouts at home, on the field, or in the gym, by taking along your mobile super daily online workout!
Each day you will receive a smart, fun and challenging routine that I will carefully design to make sure we target all the key ingredients for a comprehensive and progressive workout- strength, flexibility, mobility, cardio, balance, toning and more!
It will leave you feeling energized, aligned, aware of your body, and ready to glide through the rest of your day. Guaranteed!!
ALL of your muscle groups will get attention. Both the big and famous ones, and the little ones, you never knew you had. And if you follow along with the instructional video links, you can decrease your chances of “over doing it”, getting injured, and having to start all the way back at square one!
These economical workouts are a great option if you want to be more independent in your fitness regimen, but donʼt want the fuss and stress of having to plan your own gig every single day.

Please note..

* Workouts will be delivered Monday-Friday. They must be performed within 24 hours of receiving them, as they will expire at the end of 24 hours. Not to worry though, if you miss one, you get a new one the next day!

*price includes Paypal service fee.

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